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Children and Youth

My social worker told me I need to live with my auntie, but I don’t want to stay there. Can you help me find another place to live?

My friend is being abused. What should I do?

I’m 16. I applied for a youth agreement and I’m not eligible. Can you help me get a youth agreement?

I’m 13 and don’t want to live with the foster parents I’ve been placed with. Can I move to another home?

I need braces and I have asked my social worker and have not received an answer yet. It’s been six months. Can you help me get the braces I need?

I live in a group home. Can you help get me a transfer?

I live in a group home and I am turning 19 soon. Am I able to stay here, or do I have to move?

I have been in the same foster home for three years, and now I have to move, but I don’t want to. What should I do?

I don’t feel like my social worker is listening to me. Where can I make a complaint?

I am not a child in care. Do you only advocate for children in care?

I am living with my foster parents and I really want to play soccer. They say they would like me to play, but the fees are too high. Can you help my foster parents pay the sporting fees for me?

I am currently staying at a safe house and I don’t want to return home. Can you help me find a place to live?

Parents and Caregivers

What services can the Representative offer to my foster child?

The social workers involved are not listening to me. I feel so frustrated, what can I do?

The Ministry of Children and Family Development does not return my calls. I even call the team leaders and they also do not return my calls. What can I do?

My kids were apprehended by the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Can you help me to get my kids back?

My daughter has special needs and is residing at a care facility out of the city. I would like her to be closer to home. Can you help her get a transfer to a closer care facility?

My child was abused while in foster care; can I send you some information to investigate how the Ministry dealt with the allegation?

If I want to report a possible instance of abuse or neglect of a child in care, what do I do?

I don’t like the dispute resolution consultant in my region; what can I do?

I am separating from my wife and she won’t let me share custody of our children. Can you help me gain custody of my children?

I am separated from my husband and the courts require my son to go see his father but he doesn’t want to go. Can you help my son’s voice be heard in the courts?

I am concerned about my children’s safety when they are with their mother. Can you help me ensure their safety?

Young Adults

Why should I call the Rep?

Who is the Representative for Children and Youth?

What is advocacy?

What information will be shared about me?

What if I don’t trust the advocate?

What does the Rep do?

What can I expect when I call the Rep? What can you offer me?

Do I have to talk to the Representative’s Office by myself? Can someone call for me?